Friday, 10 June 2011

Your Backyard

There must be many plants and shrubs that will draw them near. Bayberry shrubs are as beautiful as have berries throughout the winter which attract yellow romped warblers and bluebirds which will enjoy eating the bayberry's fruit. Some other berry producing plants attract slews of birds such as Robins, Bluebirds, Thrushes, Mockingbirds, Jays, Catbirds and many more include: Black Current, Arrowhead, Cranberry Bush, Elderberries, June berries and Strawberries. If don't have any birds visiting your garden then you should try using small pots of sugar. Sugar can attract butterflies and they attract birds. Here are some wildflowers you may want to consider planting: Goldenrod, Sunflowers, Lobelia - Attracts hummingbird’s and also other birds love them.

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