Friday, 10 June 2011

Take care of baby birds

If you find a baby bird then take some steps which help bird kids. Keep the bird baby warm but out of direct sunlight. Do NOT feed milk of bread to baby birds. They cant digest it . Other pets can become a danger for baby birds. And please don’t cuddle the birds

Enjoy Birds Play

Birds, like children like to chase each other and have mock fights. Waxwings like to play pass the berry as they sit in a row passing a berry down the line one at a time. Crows, Ravens and Jays like shiny objects. You can hang up some used pot-pie pans or some spoons from a branch.

Your New Pet

Tray bird feeders are suitable for most of the birds; however there are a few downsides to having these types of feeders. They can get filled up with rainwater and Seeds will be blown out of the feeder during high winds. Squirrels and raccoons also love to feed in tray feeders which are very convenient, so you can install an anti-pest grid over the feeder. dog food makes a great seed substitute which enjoyed by many birds such as blackbirds, crows, jays, mockingbirds, robins, thrashes, starlings and wrens. no need t remove dead trees. Unless they are in danger It can become a important sources for birds nesting process. Black-capped Chickadees will befriend you for a handful of their favorite foods which include: acorns, suet, peanut butter, nuts, raw hamburger, doughnuts, bread, bayberries and sunflower seeds. They will dine at virtually any feeder from a homemade coffee can feeder to suet feeders.

Play with birds

Give birds some nesting material. Stuff mesh bags with pieces of yarn or string, straw, pet fur, hair from your comb, small bits of cloth or anything a bird can use to make a nest. Hang the bag near the nest boxes in spring. Feeders are designed in such a way that you have an unobstructed view of your bird friends as they feed in an open banquet.

Home for Birds

Different species nest in different places. Birdhouses and Bird feeders are readily available in market in many styles and sizes. You can build them, but whatever you prefer, you can have as few or as much as you want in your yard. It will be rewarded greatly for offering your fine feathered friends shelter and food. Late winter is the ideal time to put out birdhouses in garden. Many birds begin house hunting in January/February.

Attract Birds

Birds are attracted to the sound of dripping or moving water. There are many different styles of birdbaths complex or simple .Be sure not to fill the birdbath with too much water. Shallow water only takes one or two inches. Put your birdbath out in the open so the birds will be aware of that opportunity. Keep the water clean and fresh, chance it once a week. Make this bath in such a position that birds are able to reach a nearby tree so they can perch on a branch and preen themselves afterwards.

Your Backyard

There must be many plants and shrubs that will draw them near. Bayberry shrubs are as beautiful as have berries throughout the winter which attract yellow romped warblers and bluebirds which will enjoy eating the bayberry's fruit. Some other berry producing plants attract slews of birds such as Robins, Bluebirds, Thrushes, Mockingbirds, Jays, Catbirds and many more include: Black Current, Arrowhead, Cranberry Bush, Elderberries, June berries and Strawberries. If don't have any birds visiting your garden then you should try using small pots of sugar. Sugar can attract butterflies and they attract birds. Here are some wildflowers you may want to consider planting: Goldenrod, Sunflowers, Lobelia - Attracts hummingbird’s and also other birds love them.